Hello, I'm

Tomas Vitvickis

It took me a while to find a path that I am in right now. Once I realised what I want to pursue. I quit my job and found a crew of furniture restorers who taught me the basics. After a year I decided It was time to become independent. I found Ignas who agreed to cooperate and let me use his workshop so I could master the furniture repair.

I am keen on my craft and I think I have a remarkable ability to transform old, discarded furniture into pristine  masterpieces. My job isn't just refurbishing furniture. It is a lot more about providing one more chance for fine pieces.

Every project presents an opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge. I feel massively grateful to be a part of a helpful team. It makes this  journey of craftsmanship a breeze. They not only support me in overcoming obstacles, but also celebrate every success of mine. Big or small. I fell truly at home here.

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