Stainless pillow

This stainless steel wall decor is a bold statement piece that pushes the boundaries of traditional decorating. Unusual and unexpected, it will become a focal point in any room, adding a futuristic and avant-garde touch to your interior.

The creation of this piece is just as unusual as the piece itself. Created by welding two sheets of stainless steel together and then using a high-pressure water jet to inflate them like a balloon, it’s a testament to strength and beauty.

The polished finish on the front of the piece creates a luxurious shine, reflecting light beautifully and creating a dynamic play of light and shadow. The back of the piece has been left untouched to preserve the authentic look of the steel as a reminder of how beauty can be created even from the most mundane of things.

Materials: stainless steel.

Length - 150cm (59") Height - 25cm (10") Width - 45cm (17,7")

Build video