Oak silhouette

We are introduced to a magnificent round white oak dining table, purposefully designed to accommodate a large and close-knit family. This table is a true testament to the beauty of natural wood, embracing its imperfections and bringing them up as unique features of the design.

The focal point of this dining table is its expansive tabletop, composed of wide oak planks carefully selected to preserve the uninterrupted beauty of the wood's grain pattern. The design embraces the character of the oak, with knots, branches, and cracks welcomed and prominently featured. Rather than detracting from the table's charm, these imperfections enhance its rustic allure.

To balance the desire for a natural appearance with the practicality of everyday use, most of these imperfections have been artfully filled with tinted epoxy. This not only stabilizes the wood but also simplifies maintenance, ensuring that the table remains as functional as it is visually stunning. However, a few larger cracks have been intentionally left open to showcase the wood's character and history.

Adding a touch of old-school craftsmanship and visual intrigue, bowties have been expertly inserted into these open cracks. These wooden inlays serve a dual purpose, stabilizing any further movement in the cracks and adding a distinctive and charming element to the tabletop's design.

The base of the table is a solid, substantial round oak chunk, skillfully turned to create an elegant silhouette that complements the tabletop's rustic appeal. This base is not only a visual delight but also provides the necessary stability and support for the generously sized 140cm tabletop. It's weight ensures that the table stands solid and secure, even during lively family gatherings.

The dining table effortlessly marries practicality with the intrinsic beauty of the wood. It's white oak construction, with all its quirks and nuances, is a story, tradition, and the enduring warmth of family meals shared around its ample surface.

Materials: white oak.

Diameter - 140cm (4,6') Height - 75cm (2,5')

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