Mind the gap

Live edge dining table. It is built entirely out of oak wood and stained according to interior colour pallet. For the tabletop we used wood slabs cut sequentially from the same log. This process ensure the best grain pattern and hue match possible. But instead of creating a book-match, we arranged the slabs by the point reflection. This way the live edge sides became more uniform sustaining equal table width.

Table beam sits slightly below the tabletop alowing the light to illuminate the gap. The top of the beam has to slopes letting the crumps to fall down on the floor. In other words - the gab doesn't create any inconvenience to maintain the tidiness.

Materials: white oak.

Length - 275cm (9') Height - 75cm (2,5') Width - 90cm (3')

Build video

This piece of furniture was a commission work by the specifications provided by the client.