Hello, I'm

Ignas Krikštopaitis

Growing up in rural Lithuanian homestead surrounded with forests has created a deep connection with nature. A lack of amenities shaped resourcefulness and creativity. These two elements morphed into huge love for natural beauty and desire to build.

Life taught me how building structures work, how stuff gets designed and manufactured. But the need to get my hands dirty persisted forcing me to start my workshop. I love to design, make and experiment. An old school craftsmanship is something I absolutely adore. Yet combining different crafts and skills in unexpected ways is what really moves me. Carpentry, metal fabrication, sculpture (and plenty more mediums I haven't tapped in yet) are my chisels.

Life is a road of vague destination. And this makes me even more exited. Makes me want to master archaic crafts and fuse them with noval ones. 

I document my builds

Documenting the process of making something is time and energy consuming. But It's a huge satisfaction once you look back at what was done over those years.

And the greatest plus is that this type of video content is helping people. That's exactly how I learn stuff. And I feel a bit obligated to give something back to this community of creators.

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